The workflow system in AAA is dynamic, you create the tasks and processes you need with every detail and nuance. Every hospital or clinic has it's own way of working. We supply a few tasks or processes to get you started - delete or amend ours and add your own.

There is also a 'Get Guidance for this action' link that can be applied to each action. This is where you can add help for members who are new or temporary to your group to find out exactly how you want tasks performed. Perhaps a form needs to be completed first or they need to inform someone. This is your chance to describe exactly how you want the task performed.

AAA's task system is designed on block chain technology - Every task is that is undertaken is like an accounting transaction. Even if the task is amended in the future, AAA records the action that happened at the time. It's like an accounting ledger and always records an accurate representation of what happened.

Its easy to create your own processes and tasks. Knowing some of the basics will help.


What is an 'Action'?

An action is any process you wish to implement in your group that can be performed by any member. AAA does not really understand the 'Action' but it allows you to use it. For example, you could create an action called 'Get-Doughnuts' and in the guidance \ web link for the action put in a URL that points to 'Dunkin Doughnuts double choc'. After you create the process, it becomes available to anyone in the group who's role you have permitted to use the action. A consultant could then use this action and allocate it to any junior doctor he selects or to 'Any group member'. If the task is directed at a specific medic, that medic can respond in the following ways:-

(This is a simplification and the real system allows you to comment at each stage)

I Accept the task (What they are really saying is 'OK I acknowledge you've asked and - yes - I'll get it when I can)

The Task is in progress (What they are really saying is 'I'm in the shop and just started putting the doughnuts in the box)

The Task is complete (What they are really saying is 'It's done - the box is in the staffroom now)


I'm cancelling the task (What they are really saying is 'Nobody get the doughnuts as someone has brought in a birthday cake and we don't need the doughnuts anymore)


Who can use an Action ?

Any role to which you permit - each action has it's own set of roles that can use it



How do I use an Action ?

When you want to treat a patient, you select which action you want to use - In this case we have asked for a CBC bloods test.

If we were to tap the help button, we would get details about the action such as additional notes and guidance and who to call if we were unsure about what to do.

These details are set by anyone in the group. If you know that a form is needed to complete an action, add the information here so others can see it and know that a form is required to complete the action. This helps new recruits and anyone who is doing the action for the first time.

 You now allocate the task to the medic of your choice or base your decision on :-

The medics distance to the patient

The medics medical speciality

How busy the medic is

You can call the medic by taping the phone symbol.

You can also assign the task to 'Any Group Member' - Not show above as it is at the top of the list.


What is a System Action ?

AAA does understand some tasks and you cannot change these. These task are 'Medications', 'Vitals' and  'Patient Moves'.  When you use these task, AAA will respond as you would expect.

For example, when you are asked to take Vitals, AAA will initially present you with a blank vitals screen and when you tap each value, you will be presented with a rotary dial allowing you to input the value.


How do I create a new action ?

Just click the 'create new action' button - that simple.

One of AAA's advantages is that you only create actions that your group use. If you are using AAA in a maternity group, you might not want to add tasks and action that you would use in a geriatric department.

How can I ensure that people do things in the right order ?

In the action notes which will be seen by the person using the action, just enter the instructions you need. For example, 'Before you use this action, you must have completed xxx and yyy first.

Can I work with Actions when I am off-line or don't have an internet connection?


Can I create new Actions when I am off-line or don't have an internet connection?