A picture is worth... A quick tour of some of the features in AAA. We doubt you will use all the features but here is a quick sample of some features we hope are useful to you now and some that may be in the future. AAA has over 70 screens - It truly is a comprehensive app. Video's are at the bottom of this page but here is a quick link to the YouTube Video

A small selection of screenshots (not in any order)


Both PEWS and NEWS calculations are displayed including how they were



Transfer patients and their data between any group




For a Quick Tour on YouTube click HERE


Lets create a group in Addenbrooks Hospital and build an electronic model of every ward, bed and ward contact numbers.

This clip also demonstrates Contextual touch and hold menus - Tap once to view the event - Double tap to update it's status or touch and hold to activate the contextual menu from which you can voice call the patient, the patient ward, text the medic in charge of the patient, set a reminder or appointment with the patient etc etc. (All patient data displayed is sample machine generated data) - The speed is actual speed

When something happens in your group you are notified as soon as it happens (AAA also runs in background and will update a LiveTile to let you know)

Here is a new event arriving - If you watch the 'Your Tasks' tile, you will see that the new job is for you.