Your audience are our users. We protect our users with a passion.
When you advertise with AAA our goal is to get your message to the exact target audience you need to reach. Other distribution channels do this through specialised 'editions'. With AAA, not only is every group an edition, it's an edition for every role as well. You choose which roles see your advert and only those roles will see the advert. We never disengage users with irrelevant content. It's better for you, it's better for us but more importantly it's better for the users as it keeps them engaged as everything they see in the app is relevant to them. AAA delivers a distribution channel with unmatched granularity and market segmentation but also users who are engaged in the content.
If an advertiser advertises on a medical recruitment website or the vacancies section of a specialised journal, the only known fact about the audience is that they work in a particular medical speciality and that they are looking for a job. What about all the other medics who were not looking for a job. What about the medics who never got round to visiting the website or just missed the ad because it was surrounded by so many others ? There is very little segmentation and the advertiser has paid to show adverts to only a subset of potential buyers. It's expensive.
With AAA, you reach all the medics who were looking for a job in the jobs section but also the ones who are happy with the job they have.
AAA Advertising Basics
  • All adverts have a 3 day minimum run
  • We limit the Marquee (bottom ticker) advert of a maximum of 6 unique adverts per day per role.
  • Advert display order is automatically spread so all adverts will be viewed over the three day period.
  • All adverts can be tapped which opens the browser to a webpage of your choice or e-mailed or voice called.
  • Adverts will be shown if the user is connected to the web or not.
  • Adverts can be scheduled months in advance and will automatically activate on a pre-defined date.
  • In the advert display section AAA Jobs, Events for You and AAA offers, all adverts can be voice called, e-mailed or directed to a webpage of the advertisers choice with a single tap.
  • We record both 'view count' and 'click count'  statistics detailing how many times your advert was viewed or clicked.
  • The cost of each advert is calculated individually as it is based on the number of medics it will reach at the time the order is placed.
  • Our distribution mechanism is 'real-time' and adverts can be distributed as soon as we receive them.



A single advert example.

Advertisers can choose up to 3 medical specialities to target an advert to. Within each of those specialities, they can then choose up to 4 Roles.
So if for example an advertiser were advertising a Pediatric Convention event, they may choose to target :-
Maternity Groups
Pediatric Groups
Midwifery Services
They may then choose up to 4 Roles within those specialties  :-
Paediatric Nurse
Hospital Midwife
Consultant Pediatrician

Or they may choose 'ALL ROLES'  within the specialities (which incurs a large surcharge and is not advised as we protect our users).
We then calculate the cost of the advert on a per medic basis that your selection covers. You only pay for each medic you target within the speciality.
This level of granularity and market segmentation is unmatched. You reach your exact target audience.
We also offer both 'view count' and 'click count'  statistics detailing how many times your advert was viewed or clicked.

The graphic below shows the 'reference' pivot on the AAA client. From here users can browse job adverts or event listings that are relevant to their role or speciality.
The AAA Pulse magazine is presently not targeted. Future versions of AAA will however produce group speciality targeted magazines for each group so for example 'Maternity' groups will automatically get a magazine with maternity content.
You will also receive a full breakdown with your invoice of who will see your advert, their specialities and their roles.

For more information on advertising on the AAA network, please contact us at
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