AAA Groups

AAA groups are a collection of users who the group owner chooses to share information with and coordinate jobs and tasks. Jobs can be allocated and completed even when you don't have a connection. You could for example request a nurse on your team to take vitals for a patient. The nurse you have allocated the task to will then see this job appear on their task list. The Nurse will also see how long ago the task was requested and who requested it. When the nurse completes the task, the medic who requested it will see any comments the nurse made when the vitals were taken and all the vital readings. The task system is dynamic so group owners add in the tasks or jobs the group needs to do.

Alternatively a group could be for a loved one who is in a care home for example. You could invite their carers to the group and ask that they add in any events that happen to the patient. If you were a member of this group, you could see exactly what has happened to the patient. If you were a super user, you could invite a private doctor (from anywhere in the world) to the group to review the care being given. Perhaps you could ask one of the carers in the nursing home to take a photo of a skin complaint on the patients arm. You could then invite a dermatologist to privately review the condition and recommend a treatment. Once they had left their recommendations, you could remove them and add them again whenever you wished.

Patients and their tasks can also be transferred between groups.

AAA is also however designed to work with medics in a hospital environment. You could for example just use AAA  for vitals. When a nurse has completed the vitals, as soon as they are entered into AAA, the doctor or medic who requested them has access to the data without making phone calls to check they have been done.

About Groups -

  • Allows group members to chat and share hospital phone numbers, ward details, bleep numbers, contacts and other data between themselves.

  • A super user can be demoted back to a 'user' when ever the Group owner chooses.

  • Can be created by anyone who downloads the AAA app

  • Groups are created and owned by a group owner - There can be only 1 owner

  • The group owner can appoint 'Super Users' or Admins. These users have the same control as a the Group owner.

  • Allows group members to securely share and coordinate treatments, tasks and patient notes between group members.

  • Is private, encrypted and owned by the group owner.

  • Patients and their data can be transferred between groups

Invite a colleague whenever you like - Consult with anyone, anywhere on the planet and then remove them whenever you like.



A AAA group owner can :-

  • Invite anyone to his or her group
  • Remove anyone from his or her group whenever they choose (all data is also removed from the removed members device)
  • Can promote any member to a 'Super User' - Super users have the same access rights as a Group owner. Super users allow the group owner to delegate responsibilities when the owner may not be available. i.e When they are on holiday.


Once there are some medics in your team or group, you can assign tasks to them based on

  • The medics medical speciality
  • How busy they are
  • How far they are from the patient
  • If the medic is on or off shift.
    Select the action you need (Its a dynamic Action system so create any 'Action' you need) and then assign the task to the medic best suited to the job 


  TASK or ACTION                                      ASSIGN the Task to



 Once you have assigned the task, the group member is notified and this task is added to their job list. You can do this even when offline and the data is transmitted as soon as you choose to connect or a connection is available. If for example there is no Wi-Fi in the basement of your hospital where you created a task, the task will be automatically transmitted as soon as you reach an area of connectivity.



A Group owner or Super User can :-

  • Close the group
  • Remove a member

Anyone can :-

  • Have up to 3 groups active on their phones at any time. (We realise you may work in several different places)
  • Own or be a member of more than 3 groups at a time. If you are, you will need to delete one of the active profiles on your phone and then re-join one of the other groups. You can only have 3 groups on your phone simultaneously at any time.


How do you invite a new member ?

Click the 'Invite New member' tile on the main screen. You will then need to know the invitee's e-mail address. AAA will then e-mail the invitee an access code and password.

For additional security, you can opt to send the access code and password via different communication channels so the password and access code are never together. To do this, AAA will send the access code via email and the password via a text message. (Additional network charges for the cost of the SMS may apply however)

For additional security, the invitee must join the group within 24hrs or else the invitation will expire and the group owner or super user will need to re-invite the member.

Once the invitee has joined, they should then change their password.


Mobile Invite
Invite a Medic to your Group

How do you remove a new member ?

Click the 'Remove Member' tile on the main screen and select the member you want to remove. The member will be removed next time they activate the AAA application and all data for the group they have been removed from will be removed from their device.